We specialize in Private Banking for the professional management of savings and wealth of residents and non-residents, and in Commercial Banking in providing funding solutions and treasury management to local and international companies.

This niche bank model allows us to:
– Provide customized attention with dedicated executives.
– Be flexible, by offering tailor-made solutions to meet customer needs.

● We have a long-standing tradition of opening accounts to non-residents who come to invest in Uruguay, both individuals and companies.

● We grant mortgage loans to non-residents to facilitate their arrival and settlement in Uruguay.

● We apply a model of Open architecture of investment products , with local and international custody.

● We have extensive expertise in Foreign Business , a long-standing product with service specialization.

● We develop specific products for corporate customers, with special mention to:

-SecureCheck for remote digital deposit of checks, without the need to come to the Bank.

-SecurePay to send payment instructions to the Bank through a direct connection between the company system and the bank system (encrypted channel).

–Flexible e-banking it being possible to configure the scheme of signatures that the customer needs to approve payments and other transactions.

● We offer funding facilities for the agricultural sector to purchase lands devoted to livestock, agriculture or forestry; and with our own Heritage cattle Trust for ranch financing.

● We grant specific financing lines for SMEs and projects with a positive environmental impact.


Political stability

The longstanding political and financial stability of Uruguay, and its open and cosmopolitan society, makes it an ideal platform for projecting businesses towards the region and the world.

Consolidated democracy

Uruguay is notable for its consolidated democracy and an institutional stability with longstanding tradition of respect to public and private contracts. This is guaranteed by the independence of the judicial power.

A solvent financial system

Uruguay’s financial system is robust, stable and developed, with a significant level of liquidity and low default rates. The financial system is regulated by the Central Bank of Uruguay.

Uruguay is oriented towards foreign investment

• Foreign investors and national investors are treated alike.

• No restrictions to foreign ownership.

• Free trade zones.

• Free mobility and transfer of capital and profits.

• Free convertibility of currencies.

• Free mobility and transfer of capital and profits.

Risk rating uyA+ granted by Standard & Poor´s. Transparency Uruguay is regarded as the most transparent country in Latin America, according to the 2020 Corruption Perception Index prepared by the NGO Transparency International (TI). Read More.

ESG Leadership

Uruguay is showing strong leadership in its performance in environmental, social and institutional factors. In October 2021, the country obtained the best rating in the JP Morgan ESG ranking for emerging markets. Policies to protect the environment, the transformation of the country’s energy matrix, as well as the quality of its institutions and democracy, with respect to the law, freedom and social peace, explain this outstanding score.


The only Swiss bank in Uruguay.

Wholly owned subsidiary of Banque Heritage Switzerland, with Head Office in Geneva and branches in Zürich, Basel and Sion.

The majority shareholder is the Esteve Family, of Catalan origin, who created a family office in Geneva in 1986 to manage the family wealth.

The family’s entrepreneurial origins date back to 170 years in the international trade business of agricultural commodities with the family business ECOM with presence al over the world with 35 offices and is world leader in its main businesses: cotton, coffee and cocoa.

In Uruguay we have 40 years of existence as a financial institution.

We are supervised by the Central Bank of Uruguay.

PRIVATE BANKING - Residents and Non-residents


Wealth management for residents and non-residents.

Simple account opening:

Agile and flexible solutions: We specialize in providing personalized attention with dedicated executives, and being flexible by offering tailor-made solutions to meet customer needs.

Variety of investment and diversification products: We provide our customers a wide range of products of the national and international market and several investment alternatives, so that you may have access to appropriately diversified portfolios, suitable for the investment profile previously prepared with each customer.

Open architecture: This model is the cornerstone of our philosophy and of Banque Heritage operations worldwide; it allows us to adjust to the specific profile of each customer. We have the expertise of Banque Heritage Switzerland. www.heritage.ch

Support to financial advisors and wealth managers: Our team provides support to financial advisors and wealth managers through our EAM Desk. Our service includes management platforms and tools whereby you may offer your customers a service of excellence.

Trust management and escrow accounts: We have a highly specialized team dedicated to the management of escrow and trust accounts. We provide several tools and our e-banking platform and app intended to ensure optimum management and follow-up.

Accounts for non-residents Long tradition in the opening of accounts for non-residents.
We grant mortgage loans to non-residents to facilitate the arrival of foreigners who wish to settle in Uruguay.



• Corporate and sovereign bonds in various currencies (including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, CHF).

• Common and preferred stock.

• Structured notes (including reverse convertibles, equity-backed notes, step-up notes).

• Investment Funds (including Templeton, Meridian, Blackrock).

• Foreign investment funds.

• Different means to channel our clients’ instructions (e-banking, e-mail, telephone, fax, in person).


We provide domestic and international custody services for financial assets, including products such as corporate bonds, sovereign bonds, preferred stock, common stock, common investment funds, assignments of deposits, treasury bills, structured notes and alternative products.


Given our vast array of products and services, we are able to offer our investment clients the opening of accounts in Switzerland and USA. To find about the conditions to access this service please contact our Private Banking Executives.



• Current accounts, Savings accounts.

• Multicurrency accounts: UYU, USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, YEN.

• Wages accounts with e-banking for remote operation.

• All benefits from the Financial Inclusion Law with an Executive at your disposal.

• Benchmarking services to other financial entities in Switzerland and USA.

Debit card usable anywhere around the world through Maestro Network. Additional HHome debit cards with limit predetermined by the owner.

Mastercard Credit Card usable worldwide through Maestro Network.

Corner Card issued by the Swiss Corner Bank: prepaid card rechargeable with Client’s fund held in the account with Banque Heritage Uruguay.

State of the art E-Banking Platform to operate and check all products.

Wire transfers.

On-line payment of private and public services.

Safe Deposit .

Personal loans.

Life and savings insurances.

Custody and management of checks for collection and post-dated checks.

Payment of Wages and payment to Suppliers.

COMMERCIAL BANKING - Local and International


Track record: Banque Heritage Uruguay has an extensive history in the service to national, regional and international companies, based on mutual trust and in-depth knowledge of local and international business.

Agile and flexible solutions: Our niche business provides us with the agility and flexibility required to offer personalized service with customized solutions, capable of adapting to the reality of the market and of each company.

Foreign trade expertise: Our Foreign Trade Department is one of our great strengths, based on our long-standing experience, know-how and outstanding dynamism.

Department specialized in International Banking: Our International Commercial Banking services are designed to meet the cash flow needs of non-resident Businesses and Uruguayan Companies engaged in trading transactions. We place at your disposal our e-banking platform and app to manage and follow-up your transactions.

Financing for SMEs and positive impact projects: Banque Heritage Uruguay partners with KFW DEG in 2021 to boost its development growth in the financing of SMEs and projects with a positive environmental and social impact, thus reinforcing the bank’s commitment to the environment and sustainability, the development of SMEs and companies with a positive impact.

Heritage Livestock Trust: Since the Law 17.703 of October 2003, Trusts become a relevant alternative for the structuring of businesses in Uruguay. Its appeal is fundamentally its flexibility and versatility. The bank has a specialized team to handle livestock businesses through this Trust.



• Loans to finance working capital in $, USD and IU.

• Medium-term loans to finance investments, purchase of machinery and fixed assets.

• Specific loans for SMEs and projects with a positive environmental impact.

• Leasing.

• Discount of checks and documents.

• Factoring.

• Confirming

• Pre-arranged overdrafts.

• Discount of export LC.

• Opening of import LC.

• Issuance of endorsements and guarantees.

• Loans specifically for the agricultural sector:

    – Heritage Livestock Trust

    – Warrant funding for purchase of livestock and seeds.

    – Funding for the purchase of lands for livestock, agriculture and forestry.


● Multicurrency accounts to collect/pay in the commercially more convenient currency.

● Possibility to operate BRL and RMB.

● Adhered to the Local Currency Payment System with Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay for the transfer of funds in local currencies.

● Export direct collection (electronic instrumentation, remittance of export documents with no need to visit the bank).

● Opening of import letters of credit and stand-by.

● Management of import and export collections.

● Import financing.

● Pre and post financing of exports.

● Issuance of endorsements and guarantees.


● Foreign exchange desk: currency exchange services, cash and credit (Forwards and NDFs).

● Money desk: cash and term deposits in various currencies.

● Sale of holdings in deposits with foreign banks.

● Stock market: Treasury Bonds, Treasury Bills, Stock, etc.

● Negotiable notes, investment funds.


● With real time balances for remote management of your accounts, investments, funding, foreign trade and other products.
● Setting of authorizations to different Users with limits and signature schemes according to your needs.


Multicurrency savings and current accounts: UYU, USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, YEN, other.

Securecheck:Web system for remote deposit of checks during extended hours.
• It advances 24 hours the crediting of same-day checks.
• It makes personal visit to the bank unnecessary.
• It processes post-dated checks by marking them upon collection, for discount or in escrow.
• System compatible with the corporate accounting.
• Query of information and historic images of all your checks.

Securepay: Direct connection through encrypted channel between the Company and the Bank systems to send payment instructions both local and international (payroll and supplier payments). Security as its greatest advantage:

• Safe communication through encrypted channel with SFTP protocol.
• Sending of files encrypted with AES256.
• Prevents handling of information in payment files.
• Facilitates traceability of changes.

Payment and collection:

• Local and international wire transfers with daily settlement.
• Correspondent collection networks Abitab and Redpagos: throughout the country, for deposits and withdrawals from Heritage accounts.
• Payment of payroll through e-banking to Heritage and local bank accounts.
• Payment to suppliers through e-banking by means of 5 channels: deposits in Heritage accounts, local transfers, international transfers, payments with bills and payments in local collection networks.
• Collection in national collection networks with references of each depositor. It allows you to receive funds in your account from anywhere in the country.
• Payment of public and private services through e-banking (DUA, BPS, DGI, BSE, and many more).
• You may configure payments through e-banking with different signature schemes according to the needs of your company.

• Debit card Maestro and credit card Mastercard.

• Corner Card issued by the Swiss Corner Bank: prepaid card rechargeable with Client’s fund held in the account with Banque Heritage Uruguay.

• Safe deposit boxes.

• Custody and management of checks for collection and post-dated checks.



Banque Heritage is a Swiss private bank with headquarters in Geneva, regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). In Uruguay, we are an institution with more than 40 years of existence.

Banque Heritage Uruguay was founded in 1981 as "Surinvest Casa Bancaria" and in 1991 it was licensed to act as a Bank. At that date, the block of shares was composed of 6 major financial institutions (IFC, Rabobank, Banco Roberts, First Union, Bicecorp and Unibanco). In 2007, Banque Heritage Switzerland acquires part of the Bank, an acquisition that was finalized in June 2010 when it acquired the whole block of shares and became the Bank`s only shareholder. It was renamed Banque Heritage (Uruguay) S.A. in 2011.

In December, 2013, Banque Heritage Uruguay acquires the consumer and corporate banking businesses of Lloyds TSB Uruguay.

Banque Heritage Uruguay has consolidated in the region as an independent financial institution, combining an in-depth knowledge of the local financial markets with the support of a global stockholder.

The activities of the Bank are carried out in its headquarters and the Carrasco branch, under the supervision of the Central Bank of Uruguay. (www.bcu.gub.uy)


Our Board of Directors is formed by:

Marcos Esteve.

Johannes Barth.

Victor Zerbino.

Fernando Grassi.


In our institution, the motivation and development of our professionals is one of the key element of our Human Capital Management policies.

The annual performance assessment is an open and transparent process.

We carry out climate of opinion surveys. Continuous training is one of the Bank’s strategic targets, facilitating the development of the skills, proficiencies and interests of collaborators.

Team-work, client focus and our ethical mandates are some of the guiding principles for our Human Capital Management.

We promote the values of equality of opportunities, non-discrimination of persons and respect of the fundamental rights of collaborators.

Send your CV to Human Capital Management: rrhh2@heritage.com.uy


Corporate Governance

Code of Professional Ethics

Code of Good Practices

Deposit Guarantee

The Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund created under Law 17.613 of December 27, 2002, covers each natural or legal person in accordance with the following cap amounts:
1). For all deposits in foreign currency held in the institution, up to the equivalent of 10,000 United States dollars.
2) For all deposits in national currency held in the institution, up to the equivalent to 250,000 Indexed Units.

If, at the moment of occurrence of the event that triggers the coverage of the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, the holder of the deposit is a shareholder or a member of the senior staff of the depository institution, a spouse thereof or a natural or legal person of the same economic group, it shall not be covered by such guarantee. Shareholders having an interest of the financial intermediation cooperatives mentioned under Article 12 of Law No. 17.613 of December 27, 2002 will not be included in the above exemption.

The Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund does not cover:

a. Deposits pledged as security of credit transactions with the financial institution itself.

b. Deposits against which a negotiable certificate of deposit has been issued, as from March 7, 2005.

c. Any other investment made against the issue of a negotiable security in the stock markets.

d. Subordinate deposits effected as from March 7, 2005.

e. Deposits of financial institutions.

f. Deposits constituted by the Central Government and the Social Welfare office (Banco de Previsión Social) with Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay and Banco Hipotecario del Uruguay as from January 1, 2006.

g. Funds contributed by members of groups or consortiums, regardless of their legal form or the business in which they are engaged, to be jointly and reciprocally applied to the acquisition of certain goods and services.

Infórmese sobre la Garantía de Depósitos, en su institución de intermediación financiera o en el sitio webwww.copab.org.uy , o en el correo electrónico infocopab@copab.org.uy

Risk Ratings

Data Protection and Computer Security


W8 Form BEN-E(PJ)

Wolfsberg Questionnaire


Tel.: (+598) 2916 0177
Email: banqueheritage@heritage.com.uy
Follow us in Lkd

Headquarters in Ciudad Vieja

Rincón 530.
Postal Code 11000.
Opening hours: 1-17pm.
Self Service Terminals: 10am–17.30pm

Carrasco Branch

Dr. Gabriel Otero 6462.
Postal Code 11500.
Opening hours: 1-17pm.


Correspondents throughout the country (Abitab, RedPagos).

Digital Banking:

e-banking, app HeritageUY.










Tel.: (+598) 2916 0177
Fax: (+598) 2916 5256

Swift: suriuymm


Credit cards:

In Uruguay: call 29026800
From abroad : call 005411 4340-5656, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Debit cards:

Contact (+598) 29161234, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Prepaid Cornèrcard:

Call 0041 91 800 41 41.

Lost Checks:

File a police report. Make sure it contains as much details as possible (account number, series, check number, amount, order or bearer check). The original report must be submitted to the bank to block the payment.


Please use the form in the “Contact us” section if you have any inquiries or if you would like more information of products and services.

Banque Heritage Uruguay has a Claims Service.

In case your claim cannot be solved immediately, you must complete the form that appears on this screen.


The Estimated response time will not be greater than 15 calendar days counted from the date of submission of the claim and, provided that the nature of the claim so warrants, it may be extended for a single time for another 15 calendar days.


If case of not receiving a response in due time and form by Banque Heritage Uruguay, you may submit the claim to the Central Bank of Uruguay through the website: www.bcu.gub.uy













Our sustainability strategy is based in financing businesses with investment projects with a positive impact from an environmental point of view; and in offering our clients the possibility of investing in sustainable investment products.

Also we have a social perspective focused on the promotion of sustainability and financial education, and the promotion of women's development and leadership. All this within the framework of a strong commitment to ethics and transparency.

See presentation here


We are facing a continuous process that will evolve adapting to the changes and challenges that are generated in the community. As a way of accompanying and responding to these changes and keeping ourselves updated, we will adhere to the best practices and create different alliances.

Local Alliances:

International Alliances:



We prepare our anual reports to describe what we do regarding sustainability andenvironmental protection at Banque Heritage. We seek to contribute to the sustainable development of the country and to be transparent on the matter. It is also a commitment to continual improvement on this subject.

The financial industry has a strong influence and impact on people’s lives and communities, and in Banque Heritage we believe that this carries out great responsibility. At Banque Heritage we are committed to promoting sustainable financing and investments; and being an institution that generates value in a sustainable manner.

We invite you to join us in reading our reports where we share our strategy and our progress.

In this way, we aspire to have a performance of which our collaborators, clients, suppliers and shareholders can feel proud.

We invite you to read:

2022 report
2021 report